The Travelin' Bastard!

Look for him lurking in a bistro near you!


Bastard Goddesses Terri, Cheryl and M. Jaye join The Travelin' Bastard for fun and frivolity (two of the three big "F's" of life) in Long Beach, California. They are lugging around Terri's daughters who, sadly, bear the cruel stigma of being 'legitimate'. It made no difference to us but you know how cold society can be...

The Travelin' Bastard finds his way to Columbus, Ohio, to loiter in a parking lot with Bastard Goddesses Marley and Pam! Hidden from view is a VW Beetle filled with
Shriners and clowns. Evil, evil clowns.

The Travelin' Bastard visits Bastardly Goddesses Deni, Damsel and Sheila in San Francisco! Deni is cuddling her son, who is also brandished with the harsh mark of legitimacy. But we treated him just like one of us!
Bastards never discriminate!

A "King-Sized" photo-op with Debbie the Bastard Goddess
in Vegas! "Thank yuh... thank yuh vurry much."

(This is my tribute to Elvis...
honoring his "Blue Hawaii" period)


Leigh the Bastard Goddess snuggles up close to The Travelin' Bastard for this photo-op during their trip to
San Diego, California. Of course, she could only do it
after being sufficiently liquored up.

The Travelin' Bastard hanging with Bastard Goddesses Julie & Terri at a local "Den O' Red Meat" in Lake Forest, California. Julie ventured from the far away Emerald City known as Seattle. Imagine traveling that distance and only having a photo with the Travelin' Bastard to show for it!
I almost pity her...almost.

Leigh the Bastard Goddess dared assume the position for authorities with the Travelin' Bastard in Sedona, Arizona. Have you ever seen two Bass Turds looking finer than this? I seriously doubt it.


Bastard Goddess Maryanne stood proudly with the
Travelin' Bastard before the Oozing Primal Wound Tree
in Culver City, California. After a festive round of "
Kum-Bi-Ya" we happily engaged in a rousing game of "Baby Baby Who's Got the Baby." (For the record we ain't tellin')

Bastard Goddess Pat was trapped in the corner of a booth at The Outback in Oklahoma City by the Travelin' Bastard. He wouldn't let her out unless she agreed to have her picture taken with him. Although you can't see it in this photo, Pat had quite the death grip on her purse.

Donna the Bastard Goddess and the Travelin' Bastard donned illegitimately matching Hawaiian Shirts to mark
their visit to the Oaxaca Restaurant in Sedona, AZ.
Photo Ops are fine but they're all the better when food is involved. This way the participants feel they got
something worthwhile out of the whole ordeal
(other than being psychologically scarred).


Marlena the Bastard Goddess lowered her standards
and visited the Travelin' Bastard in his home in
Cottonwood, Arizona. Being bastards we both know
"shame" all to well. She feels shame by being
in my home and I know shame for actually living in Cottonwood. I don't know which of us I pity more.

The Travelin' Bastard hauled himself to the Emerald City to hang with famed Bastard in a Kilt John (the first male bastard to make his way to this lowly page) and Bastard Goddesses Julie and Mary. Note how we are cleverly positioned in front of a famous photo depicting the initial conception of some future bastard. We know it ALL starts with a kiss!