Personal Highlights from the
National Cartoonists Society 59th Annual Reuben Weekend
Fairmont Princess Resort, Scottsdale, Arizona
May 27 - 29, 2005

The Fairmont Scottsdale Princess Resort covers 95 acres of desert landscaping.
It's so large, in fact, that the property had to be seamed together
as you can clearly see in the above photo...

When you stray away from the main building of the "compound"
you actually encounter those infamous "YOU ARE HERE" maps.
I'm convinced that if you dare travel to the outer perimeter of the property
you will actually find the skeletal remains of those poor unfortunate souls
who never found their way back to the lobby.

OK...who left the water running
and will this affect my bill upon check-out?

Did you know there is a law in Arizona
that prohibits dancing naked in public fountains?
You can hear all the details
at my arraignment next Friday...

This is a damn big tree...

...on a damn big property...